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Well, I just read the report. It’s very, very thorough! This work you do is truly at the doctoral level! Very scientific.

It’s a good news/bad news report. Good news = inside, our house is fine.

Bad news = were am I being exposed to mold. Very puzzling. However, it’s a great relief to read the house is fine. Thank you SO much for all your hard work!

Much appreciated! 😊

Mary Newman


Hi Chip,

  You have exceeded our expectations and assisted us in making good choices and decisions in purchasing our home.  We appreciate your attention to all the details that make living in a home enjoyable and safe.  I hope we can find all the right tradesmen to do the work to make this home someplace that we feel good about.  Thanks for your great inspection.

Margaret & Jim Hoefer

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Thank you so much for the thorough inspection and report! 

We love your excellent and quality service, I will definitely recommend you to my friends!

Thank you, and have a blessed day!

Yen & Chad Downs


Chip was very informative and trustworthy. His quality home inspection report helped us make an informed decision on our home purchase. We were especially interested in the mold detection analysis. We would highly recommend C.H.I.P.S. for both home inspections and mold detection.


Mr. & Mrs. McDonnell, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 4/14/05

Chip, I felt you did a very in depth inspection and I feel very safe knowing that everything was closely looked at in my new home.








Thank you,
Kristina Allshouse,Destin,Fl. 5/11/2005

 We highly recommend Coastal Home Inspections Professional Services and here’s why: professional service and exceptional follow-through. The owner of the company, Chip, not only confirmed our appointment time the day prior to the inspection, but he arrived on time, and brought the necessary equipment and tools to do his job. For anyone who has had to deal with service providers or contractors in this area – the fact that he showed up on time and was prepared to do his job was a pleasant surprise.


 At the outset of the appointment, Chip provided us with a detailed explanation of the scope and purpose of the inspection he would be performing that day. During the course of inspection, Chip found a problem he felt was a safety issue and brought it to our immediate attention; he then advised us on the proper course of action to remedy the issue.  Chip promised us that a detailed explanation of each discrepancy found and a recommended course of action to solve the problem would be listed in his final written report and it was.  His final report was easy to understand, contained numerous digital photographs of problem areas identified and offered concrete suggestions as to whether or not we could make the repair ourselves or if a craftsman should be contacted to correct the issue. 


 The bottom line is that while Chip’s physical inspection was thorough, and comprehensive, it was his professional attitude and prompt follow-through in providing the written report that confirmed my feeling that we received the best possible home inspection in this area.  We had a home inspection prior to buying our home 10 years ago, but after several tropical storms and a major hurricane, we felt we needed a current home inspection to identify problem areas and get them corrected now, before we incur a huge repair bill because we were unaware of the problem.


 Everyone wants to maintain the value of their home –and I can’t think of a better way to do that than to identify potential problems before they cause permanent damage or a costly repair.  Thank you Chip, for giving us the comfort and confidence that our home is in the best possible shape it can be. 


Gary and Teena Hammond, Bluewater Bay, Niceville, Fl. 5/12/05


  I recently used Coastal Home Inspection Professional Services as a home buyer.

Chip was prompt, cheerful and courteous.

I would recommend this service to anyone, even if you're just a homeowner who wants peace of mind.

The service was very accurate, thorough, and complete well worth the modest cost.


Dave Reavis



 Chip - You are the best - we expected a thorough check of our unit and had no idea of the extent and detail you covered.  You provided photo's, explanations - covered it all.
Here we sit in So. California and had no idea of the extent of the things that need to be done thanks to your detailed report.
We would recommend your services any time. I have forwarded your report to a few other ground floor units and wouldn't be surprised if more business comes your way.
Fountain Valley,CA. 10/25/05
Dear Chip,

I just had to write and thank you for the thorough, detailed job you did on our home inspections.  The information you provided us regarding the pipes in the first house saved us untold expense and heartache.  I couldn't imagine having anyone else come to do the home inspection on the second house.  The reports you prepared were easily read and understood, the pictures and diagrams made it very easy for the sellers to identify the areas they needed to address.  And yesterday, we closed on what turned out to be the house of our dreams!

We would absolutely recommend your services to anyone - purchasing a home is a huge investment, and I genuinely felt as if you looked out for our interests as though you were purchasing the home yourself.

Thank you, and a very Happy New Year!


Terri Greco and Ed Lindsey 12/29/05

I wanted to thank you for your thorough inspection.  Your report was also very easy to read and understand, especially with the pictures.  Thanks for your help!

 Brad Haddock Florence,Al. 2/14/06

Thank you for the detailed report! I think this is the best $400 we've spent in this home buying precess!

Thanks again,

Mark & Jessica Morrell,Northpole,Ak 4/11/06


Chip: Please feel free to use the following testimonial on your website:


We were very impressed with the thorough and professional inspection report we obtained from Chip. As out of town buyers who had only viewed this townhome once in person, the pictures were very helpful and brought to light several things we had not noticed when we toured the unit with a realtor. After receiving the report, Chip was very open to discussion and answering any questions we had about it. We would recommend Chip to anyone buying property in the Destin area. .



 Hi chip, your home inspection report was one of the best I have seen lately. When you finish the stucco inspection please e-mail thanks, I hope to do more business with you if this does not work out.

 David McKool, Dunwoody Ga.

Chip, I would definitely want to go on record to say that, your inspection and the report that followed, was the MOST PROFESSIONAL job that I have seen since I left the Military 3 years ago. Your attention to detail, friendly demeanor and expertise are second to none! On a scale of 10 you merit a 10!

Even my realtor commented on the thorough job that you performed and would recommend you to future clients!



Steve,         Destin, Fl 4/02/07

Dear Chip thank you so much for all your help & for being so professional.


Kim Wasson 7/19/08

I thought the report was very professional, informative, and easy to read. The photos really make it easy to understand. And the price was fair. Considering that I'm in another state this will help me greatly.

Thanks again,

Eve Winder, Ga 8/27/08

Chip O’Brian’s home inspection far exceeded our expectations. We were very impressed with how thorough he was and with the comprehensive report, he provided. Since we are out of state and couldn’t be onsite during the inspection, we were pleasantly surprised when we received our report. The report was methodical and detailed, providing both verbal and visual accounts (using photos) of all maintenance and potential issues that needed to be addressed. From the roof, to the foundation, to the attic, each outlet, etc., nothing was missed. We also appreciated Chip’s readiness to answer any questions and his offer to us to call anytime with future questions. We’ve had home inspections before, but none as comprehensive as Chip’s. I believe Chip offers a “High Standard” home inspection…certainly something to consider when comparing home inspectors. Thank you Chip.

Joe and Karen Schreibeis 5/12/09

Chip O'Brian did an excellent job with the home inspection he performed for me. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the Home Inspection. Very friendly, and informative, Chip had an answer to every question I could come up with during the inspection about our prospective house.
If you need a home inspection done, and done right, Chip is the man to call.
Thanks again for your wonderful job done,

Walter P. 10/14/09

Chip, Thank you for the house inspection. You are a true professional in what you do. I will take your advise/recommendations and try to rectify as much if not all that was suggested. I am sure we will have some questions along the way.

Once again thank you.

Roy Khoo 5/21/10  Destin,Fl

Chip - your report was so complete and detailed that I really have no questions to ask you about it. Thank you for doing such a thorough job. Expect to hear from us if we make another offer in your area.


Richard and Lise Mungul


A comment for your website:

Chip provided excellent service for our home inspection. There is no doubt from the minute you meet him that he is motivated to give his customer the best product possible. His inspection was both thorough and complete and was accompanied by a well written, informative inspection report. My wife and I couldn't have been happier with the quality of his inspection service. Thanks Chip!

Again, thank you for the superior service you provide our community.



On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 3:15 PM


Thanks for the home inspection and for taking the time to explain so much to me. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Mike Burton


Chip: thanks again for your outstanding service. As promised, here is a testimonial for your website.

The service and value provided by CHIPS and Mr. O'Brian was nothing short of outstanding. Chip scheduled and performed an extremely thorough inspection very soon after I contacted him and he delivered the written inspection and mold reports in a very timely fashion after the work was performed. The reports were incredibly informative and Chip took the time to explain his findings and answer my questions over the telephone. Chips expertise was invaluable as my family evaluated the purchase of a home in Florida from Illinois. While this transaction did not result in my purchase of the home, I will definitely use CHIPS again as we continue our search for another property.

A. Tobin, Chicago, IL


Thank you for all of your hard work Chip - you always exceed my expectations which is why I always recommend you and would not use anyone else but you for my friends and my personal properties.. Thank you again!!!

Jodi & Bill Ketchersid  7.11.13

It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you inspecting the property. We haven't had time too review the full report, but at first glance it looks very thorough. Thank you for taking the time to explain the important aspects of owning property in the Ft Walton Beach area. We look forward to working with you again in the future, as we continue to invest on the beautiful Emerald Coast!

Take Care!


Glenn & Joleen Cormier 9/9/13

Hi Chip,

Thank you so much for the inspection, I feel a lot better about the property. You definitely met and exceeded my expectations. The report was very clear and comprehensive and I appreciate the FYI’s also.

Nicole Ross 9.19.13

Chip, Thank you for the hard work on the house yesterday! I appreciate how detail-oriented you are and I thank you for making us feel like you were on our team!! You exceeded my expectations and I will be happy to refer all my friends to you in the future!

Thanks again

-Chasati Martin


Chip, That is the most detailed, thorough, and clear inspection report I have ever seen! The pictures are very helpful! I am truly impressed, and very appreciative.

Paul 7.17.14

Hello Chip,

I have received your report and would like to thank you for inspecting on such a short notice. Very pleased with your timely and detailed work. I am very grateful for giving me a piece of mind on one of the big decisions in my lifetime. I will defiantly be contacting you when I purchase my next house!


Veronica White 2.6.15

Chip, Thank you for the thorough report, the helpful photos, and the summary at the end. It was very good to meet you this morning.

Bill and Mary 3/6/15


Thanks for conducting this on my behalf. It appears you went into great detail and I appreciate having this knowledge. I will be sure to recommend your services to any of my buddies in need of a proper inspection.


SrA Dillon DeMers



Thank you for the professional approach you took in my condo inspection several noted issues I really never saw and I find mildly concerning. I will gladly offer my recommendation to any potential client of yours just let me know If I can help




Jerry Zich 




First, I just want to point out to anybody considering a home inspection for a new construction home that it is absolutely imperative that you have one completed. For example, Chip found a deficiency with the roof that we would have totally missed, and would have cost potential tens of thousands in repairs down the line.

I would also like to point out that his reports are very helpful and extensive complete with photo documentation.

I am glad I spent the money on this inspection for our new construction home and did not trip over dollars to pick up a dime (one of Chip's sayings).

Thanks again, Chip!

-Ron Chandler